You have to ask yourself, “why would I choose this photographer”? Whether your choice is me or another photographer, ask yourself these questions:

-What does you gut tell you? This may happen when talking to the photographer or looking at his/her work. You just have a feeling that this is someone you want taking your photos.

-How much time will you need? A short time may be cheaper but is it right for you? You have to consider how long it may take you to get use to camera, changing, location change, etc. If you are shy/uncomfortable around the camera then you may need additional time.

-How many clothing changes will I need?

-Do I want indoor or outdoor? Which is better?  Neither is really better than the other. Both come with something that other can’t offer but they are both acceptable. Find out which or both can be done.

-Color vs black & white?  Black & white images are acceptable, color images allow you to see hair and eye color and skin tone. Find out if the photographer will convert your color images

-How much should I typically pay? Aside from the expert knowledge that comes with paying a high fee, you are also paying for extra time, retouching, etc. To know about how much you should pay, you should shop around to see the going rate and what it includes.

-How many shots do I need? Well, any number of 1-300 images can be taken but you typically only need 10-15 strong images. More is not always better. The right photos will show off your personality.  It’s good though to have a variety of different looks if you are going for different roles as an actor/tress. With head shots there are only so many looks that you can have to show that, so a handful is usually enough to submit.

-Does the photographer print? Not all do. This may be reflected in the price. If the photographer doesn’t , there are plenty of places you can go to get it done. Ask the photographer if he/she knows of any places.

-Is there retouching done? Always find out if the photographer does any kind of retouching whether it’s lighting and coloring to more advance things like blemishes, wrinkles, etc.


Head shots need to make you look good but simple. Don’t over sell it. They also have to tell who you are as a person.